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The History of the Nomads

In 1974 a few brave men decided it would be a good idea for Tacoma to have a Rugby Club. Commitment ran the gauntlet from the “Enthusiast” to the “Fanatic” to “Fair Weather Man.” Over the years little has changed. Long side-burns, then no side burns, and now back to long sideburns. The Nomads played in the one and only league which was the top and the bottom. We consistently find ourselves generally trailing Beach and Seattle and the now defunct Chuckanut Bay. Our active roster fluctuates which means on any given Saturday we may only field a team and a few extras for a two game fixture. Players still come and go, as Nomads are prone to do. Why in blazes couldn’t the team been named the Gibraltors? The Re-Bars? The Headstones? One thing has never changed and that is the very well known fact that Tacoma may not win every game but it has always been the embodiment of a Club. What follows is an oral history of our little club as edited by a whole bunch of Orators.

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