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2017 Tacoma Aroma 7's Tournament

The biggest, best and longest running 7’s 

tournament in the Pacific Northwest! 

Please join us for the 41st Annual Tacoma Ruby Club Aroma Summers 7’s Tournament!  This year's tournament will feature 16 of the top Men's teams in the Northwest, a Women’s bracket and an Old Boys bracket.  It will be held on Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at the Portland Ave Play Fields in East Tacoma. 
This year we are also host to the Pacific Coast Championship! 

See you there!


Welcome Spectators! Come on down and watch some Rugby 7's. It's going to be a great day of food, fun and a boatload of rugby!  Tournament starts at 9am and runs through the afternoon. No charge to watch! 

Saturday July 29th, 2017 

Men's - Adult
Women's - Adult
Old Boys
Portland Ave Play Fields at 3513 East Portland Ave Tacoma, WA. 98404

Directions: Take Exit 134 off of I-5 Northbound and turn right onto Portland Ave, or Take Exit 135 off of I-5 Southbound and turn left onto Portland Ave. Proceed approximately 7 blocks and Portland Ave Playfield will be located on your left.

Register online or send Payment To:
Tacoma Rugby Club
1545 Tacoma Ave South
Tacoma, WA 98402

Email - Jason Shelton at jasonrugby@aol.com or Ryan McHugh at emchugh@harbornet.com

Thank you for supporting rugby in the Pacific Northwest and the Tacoma Rugby Club. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch.

Tournament Director

Brackets are filled up!

See you at the Portland Avenue Fields
July 29, 2017!

Tacoma Aroma Summer 7’s Tournament Rules:

In an effort to reduce down time, there will be two game balls for each match: the one in play, and a spare at midfield. The balls will be switched out after each try. Each team will designate a “ball shagger” for each game whose job it will be to return the ball to midfield after kicks.

IRB Seven – a - Side laws apply for this 7’s Tournament.
Yellow Cards = 2 min in sin bin
Red Card = out for the rest of the tournament.
All teams must have paid in full before there 1st match.
Litter – Teams are responsible for there own litter, please pick up after yourselves.
Parking – Park only in designated parking areas.
Beer is not allowed at this Tournament or at any Metro Park facility.
Toilets – Please use the facilities provided.
Dogs – No dogs are allowed at this park & tournament.
The Tournament Director will solve all problems and tournament questions.
Teams are only allowed to play players on there rosters.

Point System in Pool Play: In Pool Play, ties remain ties, there is no overtime.
2 Points for Win
1 Point for Tie
0 Point for Loss
1 Point for Forfeit
At the end of pool play, teams will be ranked based on the best record per points.

Tie Breaker Are:
1. Best Record
Head to head result
Point differential in all matches played (i.e., points scored (resulting from tries, conversions, drop goals and penalty kicks) less points conceded)
Try differential in all matches played
Total points scored in all played (i.e., points scored (resulting from tries, conversions, drop goals and penalty kicks))
Total tries scored in all matches played
Sudden death drop kick contest. 5 players from each team (5 kicks from 22 meters).

Championship round matches
In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, overtime will consist of a sudden death period of 7 minutes. The first team to score in this sudden death is declared the winner. After each period of sudden death, the teams will change ends. There is no coin toss, the team that kicked off at the start of the match will kick off to start sudden death. The teams will alternate kicking off just as in regulation play.

The number of subs/injury replacements will not increase from the amount set at the beginning of the match. Therefore, if a side has used all their subs/replacements prior to the overtime period, they will not be allowed to bring on more replacements in the overtime periods. Likewise, a side that has not used all of its subs/replacements will not be restricted to the players that are on the pitch at the end of regulation time.

Sin-bin time stays in place during all overtime periods. Therefore, if a player is sin-binned with 1 minute left in the match; that sin-bin lasts 1 minute into the overtime period. Sin-bins remain the same length (2 minutes) during the overtime periods.

The Tournament Director will solve all Problems & Tournament Questions.

Thank you,

Jason Shelton
Tournament Director