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Exhibition Games

Tacoma Dome: 1984
In 1984 we played an exhibition game in the Tacoma Dome and Barney did the play by play with a bad accent.  Perv, Jeff Rush, Steve Page, Ken Van Buren and Skipp Frett played in this scripted 5-a-side match (with ‘Gentleman’s Rules for tackling.) They were wearing Ravens jerseys. On the kick-off Skipp disregarded the choreography and ran for the try. That set the pace for the game. We broke all the scripted rules, smashed guys against the wall and scored. (Side Note: not-yet-a-Nad Ken Samuel was working security at this event. He let the Nads in the back door).

Sunrise Elementary School: 1988
Amidst Sunrise’s Australian Culture Studies Program, Nomads Tobin Ropes, Jeff Page and Barney Rapp educated the kids about the sport they love. Tacoma then played a match against Valley for the entire student body.

UPS Loggers: Late 1970’s
We played against Valley at the half. Barney called the play from the press box. He didn’t have the names of the Valley players so he just made them up as he went. We tried to cram a match into a 15 minute halftime show. (Side Note: Kenny Van Buren was in the stands still going to college holding an alcohol awareness session.)

Pierce County Bengal Football: Late 1970’s
This match was Held out at Franklin Pierce High School (Steve thinks) We played Seattle. (He also thinks he broke his ribs there but he can’t remember.) They used to have a fairly decent football stadium and a good team. The point of it (as was the point of all the Exhibition games) was to get some visibility.