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Nomad Fundraising

The Bowlathon
Enthusiastic Nomad George Bender constantly talked about fundraising; whether it was women’s mud wrestling, Bake Sales or Bowlathons, we’d listen to him, and do nothing. One night when George was doing the math on a Bowlathon (again) someone listened and took action. The first Bowlathon occurred in November in the late 1970’s. It became an annual event for a slew of years. Several Naddies have held the title of Bowlathon Chairman over the years including Jeff Page, Ed Walawender, MVB, Jerry Roby, ‘Reno’ Mike Moore, Barney Rapp, and Mike Baker.

In 1998 we opted to ’skip’ the Bowlathon for lack of a chairman and interest. It is yet to be seen whether or not the Bowlathon will rise again.

The Christmas Tree Cut
Instigated by Larry Gregg and Chuck Hampsten in 1993, the Nads carpooled to Chehalis once a year in November to cut Christmas trees. The trees, pre-sold, were brought to Tacoma and distributed among Nomad Christians. The Nomads killed trees for four years. It is doubtful that this event will occur again as Larry’s father-in-law sold his tree farm in 1997. Also, the Club stumbled upon a more lucrative (and less back-breaking) fundraiser…

The Tacoma Dome Security
In 1998, the Club got lucky when the new Tacoma Dome Head of Security also happened to be a ex-rugger. Gene Knight contacted the Nomads and we added to their security force several times a year. To date we have run security for the WWF, Jimmy Buffet, the Dave Matthews Band, Reba McEntire, Korn, DMX, InSync, Elton John, Billy Joel, Airosmith, AC/DC, Snoope Doug…???

Tacoma Aroma 7's - Summer
In 1977 Andy Smith and Dave Taskila started the first ever Tacoma sevens tournament in the PNW at Charles Peterson Park in Steilacoom. Since then, the Aromas have been held in four additional locations; Orting High school, Wilson High school, Stewart Heights and, the current spot, Portland Ave. Tacoma is the only PNW club that has ever been asked to be a National Qualifier and we now hold that status on a yearly basis. That first year we beat Beach in the final (from a field of five teams) which is the only ??? time Tacoma’s ever won our own tournament. (And that was after Tacoma 2’s forfeited so somebody else could be in the finals.) Although, in 1993, by default, the Sevens team went to Nationals -led by player-coach Tobin Ropes. The Aroma 7’s continues as our primary club fundraiser.