Tacoma Rugby Club

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Nomad Presidents

1974-1977 Ed Winskill
1977-1978 Andy Smith
1978-1979 Jack Craven
1979-1980 Doug Pedersen
1980-1983 Andy Smith
1983-1984 Jim Magouryk
1984-1985 Jim Magouryk / Barney Rapp
1985-1986 Barney Rapp
1986-1987 Mark Bond
1987-1988 Mike VanBuskirk
1988-1989 Mike Legg
1989-1990 Barney Rapp
1990-1991 Ken Van Buren
1991-1992 ‘Reno’Mike Moore
1992-1993 Ed Walawender
1993-1997 Barney Rapp
1997-1998 Steve Chanfrau
1998-2001 Jason P. Shelton
2001-2004 Barney Rapp
2004-2005 Dan Castillo
2005-2006 Josh Poh
2006-2007 Mark Sullivan
2007-Present Ryan McHugh

Ed Winskill - Got it going.
Andy Smith - Kept it going, at that time the biggest job was the phone calls to get guys to turn out.
Jack Craven - Considered his reign an experiment in military bureaucracy.
Doug Pedersen - Got elected because he could stake and string a rectangular field. He was well versed in the Pythagorean theorem.
Jim Magouryk - Pushed for a team bus but settled for a clubhouse.
Barney Rapp - Was the only Nomad who never campaigned for President, and yet, was nominated, repeatedly. During one of his later stints (and after the sale of the Clubhouse) he and Treasurer Kenny created the Building Fund in order to save money for another Clubhouse.
Mike Legg - Ruled with an iron fist.
Ken Van Buren - Was elected for life, which failed.
Jason Shelton - With the help of Barney Rapp, has purchased the land for our new clubhouse.
Ryan McHugh - With the help of many, works on building the clubhouse.